If you'd asked a travel agent about Charlottesville Va, they'd be quick to point out that it's the historic home of Thomas Jefferson and The University of Virginia all nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

They'd entice you with it's finest wineries and distilleries, bars and eateries, but by no means would they mention that it is also the home to a violent inner city of mayhem, missing persons, drug and gang activity with a rapid continuous homicide rate.

Just like any other small town, the youth here are intrigued and influenced by music, cars, clothes, the street life and major city street pharmacists who come to town to invade the hoods with the distribution of narcotics.

Lurking around every corner you'll find the project poets street veterans who you can rely on to tell these tales there is where you'll find O.C.F. 

Founded by Walter "O Smitz" Allen Original Crud Foundation is a collective of street family and friends who rap, sing and produce music. 

The members consist of "O Smitz", The First Lady "Disarray", "GDV", "SEE", "D. Danny", "S Dot", "DYRU", "Fitz" and "Dirty Boy Quiks". 

O.C.F. is a spin off of Project Crud or PJC a previous group which consisted of "O Smitz", "SEE", and "D. Danny" who formally went by "Charlie Black", "Scarecrow" and "Coco Da Cold Killa" with music production by "D.J. D. Grand".

The 2023 "In The Order Of Things" LP will have group songs as well as solo features be sure to download and stream the singles "Live From Va", "Bird's Eye View", "Lights Camera Action" and the hit love song "Wasting Time".



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